Your lab is already talking to you—Thalo can help you make sense of what it’s saying.

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Hundreds of silent variables determine the quality and quantity of extract you produce. By dissecting how hardware settings and the temperature and pressure conditions affect output and efficiency, Thalo’s software can help you optimize each extraction run.



“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

Peter Drucker


Collect Information From Every Step

Track every hardware setting, input, and output from every extraction run. Afterward, you can dive into all that data, examine it from every angle, spot trends, and share it with ease.

Analyze Your Processes

Put KPIs and custom production reports at your fingertips. Capture the insights you would have missed, spot the trends and outliers that you didn't realize occurred, and see your data in a whole new light.

Turn Insights Into Profits

Maximize yields and reduce cycle times with data-driven insights. Deliver higher throughput with fewer errors, better resource management, and overall better product quality.

Thalo Allows You To:

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Optimize Extraction Yields

  • Identify the cultivars (aka strains) & suppliers that make you the most money.

  • See how equipment settings affect yield & potency.

  • Quantify yield loss at every stage of the process.


Optimize Business Efficiency

  • Reduce process time and increase throughput.

  • Refine your fractions to gain better control over the final product.

  • Collect potency testing information in one place and easily see potency results by cultivar.



Which cultivars produce the highest yields?
Which suppliers grow the most consistent quality?
What settings work the best for each harvest?

If you knew these answers, how much more money could you make?


Ready to make more money from your extracts?