Thalo provides intuitive workflow prompts, automates frequently used calculations, and makes reporting easy with built-in analytics.

It’s an extractor’s toolbox, a data librarian, and an information analyst rolled into one.


Capture Your Workflow

Designed to fit seamlessly in any extraction lab, Thalo offers an intuitive interface to capture every detail of your process. Track every hardware setting, input, and output from every extraction run. Afterward, you can dive into all that data, examine it from every angle, spot trends, and share custom reports with ease.


Gain Deeper Insights Through Smarter Analytics

Capture the insights you would have missed, spot the trends that you didn't realize occurred, and see your data in a whole new light. Empower your organization to increase production, achieve KPI targets, and improve the extraction process through Thalo’s analytics engine.


Work Faster, Smarter, and with More Confidence

Turn insights into efficiency with leaner manufacturing. Reduce cycle times with data-driven insights and technology that adapts to your processes to deliver higher throughput with fewer errors, better resource management, and overall better product quality.